Exploring Wind Farms And Other Sustainable Energy Options

Exploring Wind Farms And Other Sustainable Energy Options

Exchangeable Or Refillable Propane Tanks: Choosing The Best Tank For Your Gas Grill

Beatrice Alvarez

A good grill is a must have for people who enjoy a backyard barbeque.  The most common types of grills rely on either charcoal or propane.  Propane grills are generally more expensive to purchase than charcoal grills, and rely on a tank filled with propane to run.  The most common size of propane tank to use with a propane grill is the 20 gallon tank.

Exchangeable Tanks

If you are going to have a gas grill, you will need to make the decision on whether or not to buy your own propane tank or get an exchangeable tank.  Many people like the ease and convenience of an exchangeable tank.  Once your tank is empty (or close to empty) you simply find a place that has propane tanks for exchange and pay to exchange the tank.  It is easy to find a place to exchange your propane tank.  Home improvement stores, large superstores, farm and supply stores, and even some gas stations have exchangeable tanks. 

Exchanging a tank is not the cheapest option for propane.  Not only is the cost to refill the tank more, but you will also lose out on whatever gas is remaining in the propane tank in an exchange.  Often, the tank you get in exchange will be short a few pounds of propane, also.  You will likely not get a tank with 20 pounds of propane in it.

Refillable Tanks

The cheapest option when purchasing propane tanks is to buy your own twenty gallon tank.  These tanks can be purchased at a home improvement store.  Finding a place to refill a tank is a little more difficult than finding a place to exchange a tank.  Farm and supply stores, some rental truck stores, and some wholesale stores are examples of stores that will refill your tank.  Refilling the tank takes more effort than simply exchanging it out.

A propane tank itself usually weighs between 16 and 17 pounds.  The weight is stamped at the top.  If you have a tank that can hold 20 pounds of propane, and the tank weighs 16 pounds, a full tank of propane should weigh close to 36 pounds.  When you get your tank refilled, they will first weigh the tank.  They will then fill to the appropriate level.  This way you are only paying for the gas you actually receive.

If you purchase your own tank, you will also be responsible for any tests or inspections that are required.  For example, every 5 years a hydrostatic pressure test must be done. 

Which is for you?

If you are want less effort and aren't as concerned about the overall cost, you will likely just opt to use exchangeable tanks.  This is a popular and easy choice.  However, if you are likely to use a lot of propane and want to save money, purchasing your own tank and getting it refilled, by a company like Anderson's Propane, will be a good option for you. 


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