Exploring Wind Farms And Other Sustainable Energy Options

Exploring Wind Farms And Other Sustainable Energy Options

Three Tips To Help You Get The Most Out Of Rooftop Solar Power

Beatrice Alvarez

If you want to add renewable energy to your home, solar panels are one of the most common options. This can be conventional solar panels that are mounted on racking systems or panels that are integrated into building materials like roofing. If you want to get the most out of your solar investment, here are some tips to help you choose the best system for your needs:

1. Installing Racking And Solar Panel Arrays 

Rack systems are one of the most common types of solar panel installations. These systems have racks that the panels are installed on. If you want to get more out of your way, you may want to get adjustable racking systems. These racks will allow you to adjust your panels to get the most sunlight during any time of the day or year.

2. Ensuring That The Panels On Your Roof Are At An Optimal Angle

If you have panels that are mounted directly on the roof without adjustable racking, make sure that they are at an optimal angle. You want the panels to be able to get as much sunlight as possible during any time of the day. During winter months, this can be a little lower because the sun is lower in the horizon.  You will want to have your roof at an angle where the panels receive the most sunlight. If your roof has a steep elevation, you may need to have the racking adjusted when it is installed to reduce the angle for optimal sunlight.

3. Improving Appearance Of Solar Panels With Integrated Building Materials

There are also building materials that have solar panels integrated into them. This is most commonly seen with roofing materials. You can use solar roofing shingles to add solar energy to your roof in an attractive way. If you have walls that get a lot of sunlight, solar membranes can be added to things like siding to give you more energy. This can be a great way to add to a solar array without investing in additional panels that will not be in an optimal position. If you want an attractive solar solution, this can be a great alternative to conventional racks and panels on your roof.

Choosing the right solar panels for your home can help you get more out of your investment. If you are ready to have rooftop solar installed on your home, contact a home solar contractor to get help adding solar energy to your home.


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Exploring Wind Farms And Other Sustainable Energy Options

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