Exploring Wind Farms And Other Sustainable Energy Options

Exploring Wind Farms And Other Sustainable Energy Options

3 Tips For Cleaning Light Bulbs

Beatrice Alvarez

One thing that you might not think about cleaning very often are your light bulbs, but they can become dusty and dirty over time and can become quite an eyesore. Plus, when they are covered with dust, they won't provide as much light. This is especially true now that many people are using energy efficient light bulbs that last far longer than they did in the past, which means that they have even more time to accumulate dust and dirt. If you keep these tips in mind, cleaning your light bulbs should be a breeze.

1. Let Them Cool Down

It can be easy to become impatient when you are cleaning and to clean your light bulbs when they are hot. However, doing so can cause you to burn yourself. If you anticipate that you will be cleaning the light bulbs in your home, go around and turn the lights off first. Then, allow several minutes until they are cool to the touch before attempting to clean your bulbs.

2. Use a Dry Cloth

It might seem like a wet cloth would be your best choice for cleaning a light bulb, but a wet cloth can actually cause moisture to seep into your light bulb, which can cause it to malfunction. Instead, you'll want to use a dry microfiber cloth or other soft cloth to thoroughly wipe off each light bulb. If you find that the grime won't come off easily with a dry cloth, apply a small amount of your favorite all-purpose cleaner directly to your cloth rather than spraying it on the bulb, and avoid the base of the bulb when you are cleaning to help prevent moisture-related damage.

3. Keep the Switch Off

You don't want someone to turn the switch on while you're messing with your light bulbs, so consider flipping the breaker to prevent this from happening. Another option is to put a piece of tape over your light switch so that another family member does not accidentally flip on the light when you're cleaning the bulb. Simply warning the people in your household might not be enough, since flipping a light switch can be second nature, so someone could do it without even meaning to.

Cleaning your light bulbs will help you get rid of extra grime in your home and can provide you with better lighting. Follow these tips to get your light bulbs clean while keeping yourself safe.

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Exploring Wind Farms And Other Sustainable Energy Options

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