Exploring Wind Farms And Other Sustainable Energy Options

Exploring Wind Farms And Other Sustainable Energy Options

Three Things You Can Achieve With Cabin Solar Energy Kits

Beatrice Alvarez

Cabin solar energy kits are usually used to provide solar power to your cabin in the woods. However, they can be used to achieve other things. The following examples may give you some lovely ideas to work with, as well as jumpstart your imagination for ideas all your own.

Solar Powered Workshop/Artist's Studio

When you construct a workshop or artist's studio on your property, the last thing you want is to create a monumental electric bill creating your works of art. As you build your workshop or artist's studio, incorporate a cabin solar energy kit, which is just the perfect size for a small outlying building like your hobby space. Then you will be producing art and wooden pieces that are not only artistic, but earth-friendly too. (That is a selling point that might get more of your work sold as well!)

Solar-Powered Shed

Just think of all the rechargeable lawn and garden tools you could own if you had a solar-powered shed! A gas-less rechargeable mower, rechargeable power tools, rechargeable chainsaw--all within your grasp because you can plug them into the outlets that are fueled by solar power. If you are not quite sure how to make this work with plastic sheds, ask a solar power expert or an electrician to help you with this job.

Solar-Powered Outdoor Composting Toilet

How many times do you have to stop what you are doing to go inside and use the bathroom? An outdoor bathroom is only possible if you use a porta-potty--or is it? There are electrically powered composting toilets for outdoor use. The best part is that these toilets will also function on solar panel energy. Press the flush handle and the water pressure is activated electronically, pushing your waste into a composting tank below the seat. Press a button on the outside of this outhouse and the power churns and turns your hidden waste into compost and fertilizer. Just be sure to add the correct chemicals and microbes to the tank to prevent diseases and make the waste usable in your garden or yard.

Buying Your Cabin Solar Energy Kits

You can buy cabin solar energy kits online, from camping or survival stores. The cabin versions of these kits support energy consumption for cabins and smaller buildings. If you want a kit that fits your regular residence, you can buy that too. Just be aware that a cabin kit will not work on a standard medium-sized residence and the size of the panels from the residence kit may be too much for cabins and other small buildings.


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Exploring Wind Farms And Other Sustainable Energy Options

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